FordComm can provide a range of in-house services including:

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Media and Public Relations

In a competitive world, full of cluttered and mixed messages, it can be very difficult to stand out from the crowd and connect with your stakeholders. An effective media and public relations strategy can not only help achieve your business objectives, it can help build and enhance your reputation for the long-term.

As a leading strategic communication organisation focused on the Hunter region and greater NSW, FordComm has completed many successful public relations and media campaigns for clients ranging from government utilities and corporate business to not-for-profit and community organisations.

Public relations programs are strategically designed by FordComm to meet the specific objectives of each individual client and often include a variety of effective tactical communication tools aimed at specific target markets.


Crisis and Issues Management

Crises can happen anywhere, at any time, and often occur when they are least expected. When a crisis does occur, events usually unfold rapidly, leaving little time for planning. That is why advance preparation is essential.

FordComm provides crisis management services to a range of clients throughout the Hunter region. We believe that a pro-active approach to identifying potential crisis and establishing a formal procedure to deal with such situations is the first step to avoiding loss of reputation and, in the case of commercial enterprises, profit, which can be caused by a crisis.


Community Consultation/Facilitation

Community consultation is part of working openly with stakeholders and providing opportunities for their views and preferences to have input into the assessment process. It also helps ensure that all relevant issues are considered.

FordComm is experienced in conducting community consultation and in the facilitation of meetings and workshops scenarios on behalf of clients across a broad range of industry and business sectors, including residential and mining development.


Media Monitoring

One of the key factors in effective communication is maintaining an awareness of other messages competing for the attention of the local community. This ‘intelligence’ is also critical in identifying emerging issues and developing a communication strategy to manage the risks before they effect the reputation of an organisation.

Our media monitoring service has been established since 2002 and provides the relevant media/market intelligence to support comprehensive communication strategies. Our monitoring team monitors national and regional electronic and print media from 7am to 7pm every day.


Event Management

A well executed event, no matter how big or small, needs careful planning, preparation and scheduling right from the start.

FordComm has considerable experience in event management. We have helped organise and conduct major events, small community consultation meetings, major scientific conferences, official openings, VIP events, project launches and fund-raisers.

To view photographs captured at recent FordComm managed events – click here



Research adds precision to decisions. It can help determine current attitudes held by community stakeholders and provide valuable information on which to base future communication programs.

FordComm has completed a number of major research projects over the years.

The company has access to an experienced team of telephone researchers and a proven system for the recording and analysis of all data.


Graphic Design

Regardless of the business the key to effective communication with any target audience is getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time – in the right format.

FordComm has an experienced creative in-house design team that can take a simple strategic message and turn it into a meaningful and exciting communication piece.

We have managed concept and design for a wide range of clients and activities – including websites, newsletters, direct-response initiatives, marketing collateral, stationery suites and annual reports to name but a few.

FordComm also offers photography, video editing and DVD production services in-house.

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Website Design and Development

FordComm has experience in building websites in a range of platforms from simple static html through to flash based and content managed systems. Through a strategic approach to website development we can offer our clients the options that will be most appropriate for the desired outcomes and allocated budget. FordComm also offer domain name and hosting management services if required.

We also understand that a cleverly designed and executed website does not necessarily guarantee success. For this reason, promotion and search engine optimisation also form part of any website development strategy.

To see some examples of websites developed by FordComm – click here.


Strategic Communication Plans

The purpose of a strategic communications plan is to integrate all of the organisations communication programs and publicity efforts. By planning a long-term strategy you will be positioned to be more pro-active and strategic, rather than consistently reacting to the environment.

FordComm is experienced in developing and executing strategic communication plans that connect with our client’s objectives and drive communication programs.